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Corporate Tax Preparation Services from Leanne M. Goddard, Chartered Professional Accountant

If you’re looking for complete corporate tax preparation services, Leanne can help. Leanne M. Goddard, Chartered Professional Accountant has years of experience combined with ongoing professional development training related to the most current tax changes and treatments. I want to ensure your business is fully prepared for year end and tax filings..

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Comprehensive Tax Services

I provide complete tax preparation services for all types of corporations. With Leanne M. Goddard, Chartered Professional Accountant, you can have full confidence that your distinct business needs will be met.

Personalized Consultations with Your Professional Accountant

Every company is unique. My goal as an accountant is to ensure that your unique needs, goals, and timeline are met. That’s why I prioritize personalized consultations with all my clients. Before I begin preparing your business for the upcoming tax season, I want to hear from you and learn what you desire out of my services.

I will obtain information to understand your business operations, owner expectations, any owner remuneration considerations, new capital purchases, new debts or debt repayments, corporate structure, bookkeeping processes and procedures, provide a comprehensive list of data and documents needed to complete my engagement as well as discuss the necessary standards and engagement documents. I will also provide an estimated time frame for completion. No worries about dropping off books and not hearing from your accountant for months! I am upfront and transparent regarding my workload and expected completion dates.

An Experienced Tax Accountant

I have been operating in public practice since 2010. I’m experienced in preparing and filing taxes for businesses in a wide variety of industries. I’m continually staying up to date with changing rules and new tax laws, so your taxes will comply with the most recent regulations.

My aim as an accountant is to ensure your books and records are complete and accurate which will support accurate tax reporting. Rest assured, I will do my best to ensure all deductions and credits available are claimed!

Trustworthy Tax Services

I am a perfectionist by nature and strive for the most accurate work and reporting possible. I follow all accounting standards and keep up to date on tax legislation. I will ask the questions needed to assist in accurate reporting.

What’s more, I prioritize open and direct communication with my clients. You can always expect to reach me when you have any questions or concerns and vice versa, I will have any necessary conversations along the way with my clients.

Professional Tax Preparation

I meticulously manage all the details that go into preparing taxes and financial documentation. More than that, I do it exceptionally quickly and efficiently. When you hire Leanne M. Goddard, Chartered Professional Accountant, I will be transparent with the processes, procedures and time frames. I will provide all documentation and review and explain everything in a way that you will understand.

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I strive for perfection, open communication and supporting my clients from start to finish!

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