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Small Business Accounting

It is easy for small business owners to find themselves overwhelmed with their business accounting. Whether you’re the head of an emerging startup, or you have been around for some time, Leanne M. Goddard, Chartered Professional Accountant can help you manage your business accounting and reporting.

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Full-Service Accounting Solutions

I do more than just enter data into your accounting software or create spreadsheets, I support you along to give you the best opportunity to have a thriving, successful business. I also support you to ensure that all remittances and reporting is completed on time to ensure you are not incurring costly penalties and interest charges.

I can customize your accounting system to your current and future business needs. I can create custom accounts to your specifications to enable you to monitor and evaluate your business operations. Specific accounts can be created for:

  • Income and cost of sales reporting (revenues, material breakdowns, labor allocations)
  • Overhead expenses (rent and various operational expenses)
  • Assets and liabilities (banks, equipment costs, credit and loans)
  • Equities (share capital, dividends or owner contributions and draws)

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Accounting Consultant for Small Businesses

It is essential to remain attuned to every aspect of your business. A successful business needs to have all of their financial information on hand if they want to journey down the path of success. By consulting me regularly, you’ll never be short on detailed financial data and support to your concerns or questions.

I can be your small business CFO, helping you along the way, supporting you and assisting with those hard to make decisions.

The Versatile Small Business Accountant

I haven't just worked in public practice; my background is diverse and enables to me support a variety of clients in various different types of business.

With large corporation experience in accounting, financial reporting, regulatory reporting, treasury/finance and systems implementation, I have the skill set to help your small business from start to finish and provide you with the information needed to evaluate your business operations. Need help interpreting the data, no worries, I am here to assist you and provide assistance along the way.

Feel a level of comfort and confidence that you are doing what is best not only for yourself, but for the well-being of your business. Getting help is not a bad thing, it is a wise choice!

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