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Incorporation and New Business Advisor

At Leanne M. Goddard, Chartered Professional Accountant, I offer direction in company registration, structure and new business advisory services. I work closely with your legal counsel to ensure the corporate structure makes sense. I can assist in the registrations needed to get you up and running.

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Business Registration Made Simple

At Leanne M. Goddard, Chartered Professional Accountant, my goal is to assist to establish your business so you can begin your venture. Through in-depth consultations, I learn about your business’s unique goals and needs, which allows me to suggest solutions that best suit you. From accounting systems, account registrations, business plans and strategic tax planning, I can help you get on your way.

With my services, you can also expect:

  • Assistance with business structure
  • New business consulting and systems
  • Account registrations
  • Financing alternatives
  • Budget preparation
  • Cash flow monitoring
  • and more!

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Forming a Company: Leanne M. Goddard, Chartered Professional Accountant Can Help

There is more to forming a corporation than selecting a name and creating a website. I can guide you through the necessary processes to become a legitimate company. Along with the support of your legal counsel, I can assist with:

Entity Selection: Select the type of entity for your business.

Register for necessary accounts: Assist in registering for GST, PST, WCB and any other accounts needed for you to become operational.

Accounting systems: Discuss the options for managing your business books and support for future growth!

To incorporate or not?

I receive many questions for clients or potential clients about whether or not incorporation is necessary or not. Some things to consider are:


How much are you making and what is the effective tax rate? Would you save tax operating as a corporation and drawing a salary and/or dividends?


Many clients choose to incorporate due to liability issues. Consult your legal counsel regarding liability considerations.

Tax deferral options

Have you utilized your RRSP deduction limit to reduce personal taxes? Are you earning a higher income than needed?

Incorporation and New Business Advisory Services

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If you’re looking for a new business advisor or incorporation advice, then look no further. I offer advice and support during this important time.

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